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About The PR Cassandra

Maxine Bingham has an unusual background and career trajectory.  Currently, she runs Agora Marketing International, a Silicon Valley-based PR and marketing firm for technology, financial services and non-profit organizations. (The Agora web site is undergoing a new design.) The company name is from the Greek word "agora" – or "marketplace."  The agora in Athens (and in many Greek cities) is where goods and services, as well as ideas. were exhanged.  The Apostle Paul held theological discussions with the philosophers in the ancient Agora of Athens as attested to in the New Testament book of Acts (of the Holy Spirit).  See: Acts 17:15-24

Add to that an earlier career in in ancient Near Eastern art, history and archaeology (BA and MA from UC Berkeley), which she continues to keep alive through lectures and articles.  During her academic studies, Maxine particpated in Biblical archaeological site surveys in Israel and Palestine, curated the Iranian art in the Brundage collection of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and developed a teacher's illustrated curriculum on Islam, highlighting the art in the Brundage collection. 

As part of her academic work, she studied Elamite (cuneiform), Old Persian, Avestan, Sogdian and a number of modern languages.  She is continuing her language studies through online Arabic courses given by the accredited Arab Academy in Cairo, Egypt. 

Maxine and her husband, Ron Bingham, also run a Seventh-day Adventist lay ministry on Pure Christianity – combining scholarly research into the early church with theology.  Thus, you will not see posts on the Sabbath – Friday sundown to Saturday sundown.  An expert in her business profession and academic studies, Maxine has been interviewed on radio, in print and online, and is a frequent speaker before industry and community groups.



1. rbstrategist - August 19, 2006

Somebody had to be first, right? Let it be me. What a diverse and fantastic background you have Maxine. I like the concept of exchange of business services (related to the meaning of Agora). Perhaps we should go back to that approach – it would remove the need to monitor inflation and think of the networks. You have an amazing background that is very relavant to today’s political events and world happenings. We need more people with deep study in a a range of world philosophies and history so we can understand and take the right actions in todays mix of new and old. – The RBStrategist Interpretation

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