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Couric loses 20 pounds in CBS Photo August 30, 2006

Posted by The PR Cassandra in Posts.

In yet another photo retouching scandal, CBS slimmed down news anchor-to-be, Katie Couric, by some 20 pounds in a newly released PR photo.  CBS made light of it, but this comes back to an issue of trust and integrity from a news source.

Are news anchors “spokesmodels” or journalists?  I keep hoping for a backlash against the ageism and always-28 syndrome that the media and fashion industries seem determined to put on women.

As noted in the Washington Post: “Couric debuts in the anchor’s chair Sept. 5. CBS has spent millions on marketing to prepare viewers for her arrival.”

Are we now so image and celebrity-obsessed that even the non-tabloid media is willing to risk it all on a phony PhotoShopped image of the new anchor for a major broadcast network?

Of course, it’s “all about the Benjamins” – aka advertising dollars and bottom-line revenue for CBS.  I expect to see the tabloids go to town on this with a series on Couric’s weight – which trivializes her as a professional news person.

Maybe there is no more news on broadcast TV – maybe it’s all just a front for marketing, ad dollars and revenue, in this case, for CBS’ owner, Viacom.



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