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Today I posted my blog on BlogHer August 24, 2006

Posted by The PR Cassandra in Posts.

My client and mentor in Web 2.0 marketing, Ed Prentice the CEO of TeleVoce, told me about the site: BlogHer, which is a wonderful aggregate of blogs by women on dozens of topics.  They had a conference which I was sorry to miss – 300 women bloggers – a sold out crowd, but it I hope to make the BlogHer Business conference in March at NYC in 2007.

Speaking of women’s blogs.  My 19-year old grandson, Gregory (my husband’s grandson, but he has lived with us on and off since he was seven, so he is flesh & blood to me), was bored, he told me.  So he went to iTunes, under podcasts, and searched for “wtf,” hoping someone had blogged on “what the ^%$!” which he expected to be a collection of random thoughts; and instead came to a blog that said, “No, this isn’t a what the #$^@! blog, it is Women Trying to Figure it Out! One disappointed grandson.

I’m excited to be a part of the BlogHer community and invite everyone to give them a view at http://www.blogher.org.



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