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VoIP is Taking Off June 11, 2006

Posted by The PR Cassandra in Posts.

I've been privileged to be on the inside of a VoIP personal communications technology startup, TeleVoce, for the past few years.  We've been a bit in stealth mode, but are beginning to make our approach more public. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a fancy way of saying that you can make phone calls very cheaply or for free over the Internet.

TeleVoce-Connected products are "teaching old phones new tricks" by providing easy-to-install VoIP devices (such as phone adapters) from partners such as Multi-Link and Auvi, that allow one to use one's existing phone to make both VoIP and regular phone calls transparently. 

No annoying codes required as with competing VoIP adapters for the home and small office/home office (SOHO ) markets – it's pretty neat, I've been using Multi-Link's product with my Skype service – and this is a good time to do that thanks to Skype's offer of free calling to any phone in the USA and Canada – even if the other person does not have Skype.

The Mult-Link TeleVoIP Stick (check around for a good price) – because of the TeleVoce "secret sauce" patented technology, bridges the web with the PSTN (regular phone network), so that you can also make 911 calls – a problem with VoIP technology, since E911 needs to know your location. 

Because TeleVoce's philosophy is to allow consumers more choice and control over their telephone experience, in essence, TeleVoce makes the phone an intelligent peripheral to one's PC.  This enables TeleVoce's licensees to make VoIP phones, adapters and gateways that work with popular VoIP services such as Skype, SIPTalk and can soon be upgraded with useful software applications.

There are many places to get unbiased information about new developments in VoIP – but beware of bloggers who present themselves as VoIP gurus, but are actually touting only their client' products.  So, I have put some links on my blog so you can find generic VoIP information. 

I learned of a neat application of VoIP the other day.  One of our non-profit clients, International Antioch Ministries, used Skype in order for senior pastor, Dr Hormoz Shariat, to marry two Iranian converts to Christianity while they were in Cyprus.  Through the low-cost/free Skype Internet phone service, Pastor Hormoz was able to conference in crying mothers and happy witnesses worldwide.  Fantastic!!



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