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Going Down the PR SEO Road, or PR for Web 2.0 June 10, 2006

Posted by The PR Cassandra in Posts.

After a fantastic week in Simi Valley taking Bruce Clay's SEO Toolset Courses, I am convinced that "search engine optimization," if deployed as Bruce teaches it: methodically, rigorously and ethically, can be of tremendous value to our clients.  I also was in synch with Bruce's philosophy that a web site must earn its way into the top 10 in a free search engine result, this is known as organic, versus PPC or pay per click (going back to our definition discussion — organic search results = PR and PPC = advertising.)

We have been deploying this same philosophy with our clients' news releases.  There are many ways to bring SEO techniques into the news release process.  Once can embed links, provide key words and leverage the release so that it brings added value to the client web site.

Below are a few sites that can assist in optimizing a news release – but technique is not enough.  It also requires sophisticated strategy, business acumen, technology expertise and analysis to craft relevant, high payoff key words and links that can make one's news stand out and benefit the overall communication goal of becoming perceived as an industry leader.

The outside links provided below do not indicate endorsement and this blog is not responsible for their content.  Interesting to explore.

MarketWire Compares itself to Business Wire & PR Wire

PrimeZone Media Network Announces its SEO News Service

PR Web Discusses Search Engine Promotion of News

Business Wire's Smart News Release

PR Zoom Claims SEO PR Firm Use

In future posts, I will share my experience in using these various news distribution services and provide tips on how to get the most out of their service offerings.



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