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Daughter of King Priam with Gift of Prophecy June 2, 2006

Posted by The PR Cassandra in Posts.

As a young girl, I was always fascinated by the ancient Greek myth of Cassandra – daughter of King Priam of Troy who was given the gift of prophecy, yet was cursed in that no one would believe her.

In my decades-long career as founder and principal of Silicon Valley-based high tech PR and marketing firm, Agora Marketing International, I have been blessed with insights, especially concerning future trends.  I also admit to being cynical about fads, those who refuse to see things for what they are, name-droppers and people who prefer to obscure than make plain.

So, dear reader, it is my pleasure to share some of my industry insights with you, especially as we find ourselves in a time of extreme change. 

Come back often and come back with your views,  whether you choose to believe this PR Cassandra or not.

My intent is to create a blog with practical tips and how-to's, links to information and resources, "heard in the PR streets" kind of info, reports of PR "faux pas," and opportunities for increased knowledge and networking.  I hope to also shine a light on some of the major issues that we who care about ethical, effective public relations and marketing in the Internet age, need to better understand.

By dialoguing with one another, I hope that the PR Cassandra "prophecies" and sharing of information and experiences can truly become the "agora" or marketplace for our profession.

Thank you for visiting and check back, OK?



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